Test 400 is a Blend of Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate, and also Testosterone Cypionate. At 400 milligrams per gram, Test 400 has the actual honor of having the greatest concentration of testosterone ever squeezed into a single drug.

The particular odd part relating to Test 400’s mix is that since Testosterone Cypionate and even Testosterone Enthate have are pharmacokinetically identical (the same in the way they effect the particular body) it doesn’t help to make any sense from the results standpoint to consist of both. This leads me to believe which It had been likely the marketing decision which drove Denkall to include things like both cypionate and even enthate around Test 400.

Because of it’s 17-beta-hydroxy group Test 400 is readily hydrolyzed into free testosterone inside the bloodstream, reinforcing the production of muscle mass and then the partitioning of nutrients. Unfortunately, the free testosterone has a habit of aromatizing into estrogen if precautions are not taken, stacking this alongside an aromatization blocker like proviron can be a particularly quality idea.

Due to it’s ability to enhance muscle mass and even potency while cutting fat, it may be almost worth the particular pain, on the other hand there are much better different ways to achieve those results having far less pain. Like many other Testosterone based Anabolic steroids, it is readily aromatized into estrogen, and even those using Test 400 are at possibility for estrogenic ill effects, which includes the particular ever dreaded gynecomastasia.

Like with any injection of Testosterone, it has a tendency to rapidly disable your body’s ability to create it’s own testosterone, so you will need to plan a post cycle therapy treatment accordingly.

Testosterone could aromatize into estrogen, using an estrogen blocker is probably a good idea having this stuff. Seriously, nobody wants to end up like bob from fight club, take precautions together with this stuff. There are even many anabolic steroids in particular proviron that act as estrogen blockers and additionally providing the minor boost to muscle tissue building.

Test 400 has been shown to increase Sex drive, Aggression and also libido. Yeah, it might clearly get said which extra testosterone makes you the real go-getter