(Testosterone Nicotinate)
Bolfortan Description:
Bolfortan, a.k.a. testosterone nicotinate, is testosterone by using the actual nicotinic acid ester, a slow-acting long ester added to it a great deal more at this later. Nicotinic acid is enhanced known as niacin, the actual cholesterol as well as triglyceride lowering member from the B vitamin family. Bolfortan is often referred to as Test Nic. Like all forms of the androgen testosterone, Bolfortan possesses an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 1: 1 (specifically 100: 100) meaning that it is exactly as anabolic (muscle building) as it happens to be androgenic (impacting male sex characteristics). For this reason perfectly even ratio, testosterone is the gold standard, i. e. the actual mark by which all various other anabolic steroids and also their respective properties end up being measured.

Testosterone is usually used by both sports athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts alike, primarily because its a very effective muscles building & strength developing, inexpensive, readily available, fat reducing androgen. Just about all testosterones contain esters, let’s say, the actual enanthate ester (a long one) was developed to increase the particular time released duration of testosterone thereby reducing the frequency of injections for hormone therapy patients permitting for monthly shots. Conversely, the particular propionate ester (a short one) requires a great deal more frequent daily or maybe every many other day dosing. Depending in the release speed of the ester being administered, weight lifters will increase or even decrease their dosages and even frequency of shots to very best accommodate the particular properties of particular esters to be able to keep their blood concentrations level. Hybrid ester blends like Sustanon, Omnadren as well as others, are actually ideal administered frequently earlier within your cycle (like the short ester) to benefit through the short esters rapid results, and additionally less frequently later (like a long ester) as soon as the long esters have accumulated within your bloodstream, i. e. kicked around. By maintaining even testosterone blood serum levels you can also a good deal more effectively stave off a number of the negative ill effects affiliated having high and also low alternating blood serum concentrations.

Considerably more specifically, the particular nicotinic ester (similar to enanthate) was designed to increase the time released duration of testosterone thereby reducing the actual frequency of injections for hormone therapy patients permitting for monthly shots. Weight lifters typically reduce their dosages and also increase frequency, shooting it twice weekly to be able to keep their blood concentrations level. This method works to a good deal more effectively stave off much of the negative unwanted side effects largely affiliated having high and also low alternating blood serum concentrations. Bolfortan users should inject twice weekly like other long esters, that is certainly often enough to help keep blood serum levels well above baseline having this particular drug.

Bolfortan Form:
Bolfortan is not an longer produced as a prescription medicine, however , was provided around 50 mg/ml dosages within the 1 ml ampule.

Bolfortan Indications/Purpose:
For bodybuilding and additionally athletic purposes testosterone induces substantial increases around bodily shape and even size, largely because of its ability to enhance your number of muscle tissue fibers. Androgens like testosterone also shield your hard earned muscle tissue from your catabolic (muscle wasting) glucocorticoid the body’s hormones, by inhibiting their ability to send the message to muscle tissue cells to release stored protein. Additionally, testosterone signals muscles cells to store way more contractile protein (called actin as well as myosin) effectively countering the particular glucocorticoid the body’s hormones opposite release protein message. Likewise, testosterone has the actual ability to increase erythropoiesis (red blood cell production) within your kidneys, and even a higher red blood cell (RBC) count may strengthen fortitude via enhanced oxygenated blood. The particular presence of more RBCs has also been shown to advance recovery from strenuous physical activity.

All of these fabulous benefits are often to become had having the actual use of testosterone alone, however , it also can become the foundation of the cycle containing one or a good deal more various other drugs, usually known as a stack. Realistically, every cycle should contain testosterone due to the fact of its importance to stabilizing numerous bodily factors during steroid usage which suppresses or possibly completely shuts down all-natural testosterone construction. Go back and read which sentence all over again due to the fact its very vital to remember, and even a lot of steroid cyclists have experienced unnecessary complications (sexual and also otherwise) as a result of absence of testosterone. The novice dose of testosterone, i. e. someone in their first or even second cycle of AAS, would get in the 250-500 mgs per full week range. However, it may be not recommended which an individual take much less than 400 mgs of testosterone per cycle, beginner or perhaps not, since its results are dose dependent. That is certainly to say, the considerably more an individual make use of the better your results.